Our approach, situated between landscape architecture and urban planning, offers a new way of perceiving and shaping our way of leaving while reconciling the dichotomy between city and nature

For over half a century, JNC International has developed an original and creative practice through a multitude number of projects in Europe and overseas, thus participating in the harmonious and meaningful transformation of landscapes that are between city and nature.

The urban planner and landscape architect, whose mission can be summarized by the adage Joining Nature and Cities, always starts working from raw elements. We have identified seven such elements which, in our opinion, compose every natural or artificial landscape, and whose use in our working process is similar to the use of row materials by a sculptor. Respecting their inherent intrinsic characteristics, whether ecological, cultural, or symbolic, is the sine qua non condition for being able to shape or simply reveal those characteristics or werely reveal them  into a new landscape, combining the components of the nature-culture equation.