JNC celebrates its 50th anniversary

Release of the book Joining, Nature & Cities

Creation in Brussels of an Urbanism pole and a Landscape pole

 Prize for the Best sustainable real estate project of Belgium for the ERASMUS GARDEN project

Winner of the competition for the development of the esplanade du Grognon 

Special mention for the aspects related to sustainable territorial development in the restoration project of the Rouge-Cloître site

Victor Martiny Grand Prize winner for the project Little Sisters of the Atomium

Prize of the Council of Europe for the Parc de la Deûle

Guillaume van den Vaeren succeeds Jean-Nöel Capart and becomes managing director

Winner of the competition for the design of the Europe Square in St. Petersburg

National Landscape Award (FR) for the Parc de la Deûle with Jacques Simon

Office moved from rue des Fidèles to Globe village (Uccle)

Start of the restoration of the major parks in Brussels: the Bois de la Cambre, the Josaphat Park, the Wolvendael Park, the Georges Henri Park, the Ixelles Ponds...

Special Prize: L'Arbre d'Or du Paysage (Fr) for the Canal de Roubaix

Winner of the Quartier Gerland competition (FR) and opening of the branch JNC SUD in Lyon

Opening of the new branch Walloon Landscape Agency (AWP + E) in Charleroi

JNC becomes JNC international

First international client: a project in Saint Quentin en Yvelines (France) with architect Carlo-Maria Natale

Start of the Louvain-la-Neuve project

Jean-Noël Capart founded JNC office with Hubert Wattiaux, a specialist in landscaping and planting plans